Thursday, July 26, 2012


A glimpse into a trip to Seattle
Drive by window scene. Hey Twin Falls.
Ferris Wheel
"WORTH IT"-Kelley

 Hey Kelley.
The reason you go to Seattle is to see this woman.

Kerry Park.
Went to get Ice Cream at Molly Moons and then came to enjoy the skyline view from kerry park at night time.

Walking Keffi.
He's such a good Host. We stayed in Magnolia, which is so nice and so taking this guy on a W-A-L-K was the best. Golden Doodle.

 The Troll. Classic.

Would you lick this wall of gum for 10 dollars? 
Gum Wall in Post Alley.
You go here if you're in Pike's Market Place. 

The best day for walking trails and hanging at the beach.

Lighthouse at Discovery Park
Awesome park with tons of little hiking trails down to the beach where you'll find this gem.

Snoqualmie Falls
I would have spent hours in the trees if we had the time!
"I belong in nature..."


Snoqualmie Maybe.
Madi took this photo. Her blog is here.

The Lumineers
They are such a good live band!
I Liked them before this. Loved them after.
Capitol Hill Block Party!
After church we grabbed lunch and headed over to the capitol hill block party! Waiting in line to buy tickets some guy just walked up and handed us tickets... He was kind of upset and didn't even ask us to buy them just threw them at us! Such a lucky moment. SCORE!
Best Highway Views 
Wish we would have spent more time in the woods.

Other Trip Highlights:
  • Dinner in Queen Ann - Dads playing live music.
  • Getting Lost for Hours after the concert, praying, being guided back. Serious prayer power!
  • Sunday Night Compline Service at St. Marks, Choir of Monks
  • Saturday Night Beach Fun in Alki "That's a mormon"-Kait
  • "Yah Stoopid! Yah Ignahrint! Yah Selfish! Gett Outta my house!"

Special Shout outs to:

The Cade's- for having us over for Sunday Brunch! The kindest people/fun conversations.
Carey-for being nice and making the Quiche
Evan- Companions

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Starting of Summer Stuff

Just some random stuff from the past week. Hiking the Y, Staying in Cabins, Hot Tubs, B.B.Q.'s, Biking, Four Square... your usual summer stuff.

You always end a hike to the Y with....
Scene from the back hatch.

Things got crowded in pipers car so we had to ride in the hatch...

THE COCKPIT: Piper, Mary Catherine, Dan, Amanda, & Jordass


Biking in Draper Park with a boom box is such a dream... WARNING! Taking photos while biking usually results in: a lot of crashing and not that many good photos. Be careful out there kids... 

Sunday leisure biking makes people so happy.
Especially John.

Emily goes so fast you cant even snap a photo of her...
Steve and John 

Swerving Pencil Formations

Pure Joy

"WEEEEEE!" Said Steve
Cousin Love
 I think adults in my family don't like their picture taken... so here are some kid pics from family backyard time.


Viewfinders. Eye'll be seeing you around.

Park videos... Draper is always stepping up its game when it comes to park fun.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day

     Hey friends. This weekend is Mothers Day. I hope everyone takes a moment of gratitude for the woman whose womb you came from. I'm not gonna lie I kind of think mothers day is stupid... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my mom! Her name is Renee and she is one of a kind.  But I guess I just get really superficial vibes (mainly at church) when some bonehead gets up and starts talking about how motherhood is the most divine calling in the world and then continues on to describe ONE woman in particular, who epitomizes motherhood in all its glory who has every thing going for her. Ya know...raised eight kids attends the temple regularly, supports every activity their child is involved in... How she quit college and put her dreams on the side so her husband could have a career and she could raise the family... and just creates this image of a spiritual righteous nurturing woman who can do no wrong because she is so beloved... And you're sitting there scratching your head thinking... I don't know of any woman who fits that description... or if you're a mother you sink a little lower in your seat because you don't fit that description... I dunno its a superficial idea of motherhood and womanhood to me and If I were a mom I wouldn't appreciate it...   

     I guess I feel like my mom would be cringing right there next to me probably thinking: "Give me my friggin complimentary chocolate so I can go home get the real party started!" Haha k maybe not those words exactly but something along those lines. I think there are so many ways to be a mother and everyone's mother is so different that it just disagrees with me... I mean most people don't have that mother they just described a church... some people have really crazy moms who they don't get along with, other people don't have moms at all, or cant even have children... And some people DO have that practically perfect in every way type of mother... Each mother is a Blessing in our life because THEY gave us just that... A LIFE to live... All I'm saying is, even though nothing in this paragraph connects, I think we have a habit of routinely overpraising women to the point that it can come off as superficial. 

    With that, I just wanted to let everyone know that I celebrate motherhood, MY MOM, as she really is. I love my mom because she is Fantastic & Flawed. She is Incredible! And just like everyone of us she has highs and lows. My mom is the first to admit that she's not a perfect mom. IT'S BECAUSE SHE'S REAL! She is a great friend, she is funny, she is beautiful, She complains sometimes, she swears, she has her awkward moments, she makes mistakes an moves forward! She makes me and my brother lunch or breakfast almost every day... She love texting us and says really nice things and keeps texting even when we don't text her back. She has worked hard her entire life to make every day a good one for her kids. She's a groovy grandma and knows how to get down with the kids. She makes amazing cupcakes. Probably the best part of my mom is that She loves the Savior and his gospel and lives it her best, but is realistic about it. She never gives up, she just keeps moving forward. She puts her best foot forward one day at a time. Somedays she's saintly and delightful other days she's not... You've had those (when momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy) moments with your mom... aye currumba... Whether we're arguing or laughing our heads off she is mostly just a wonderful, happy, realistic, and incredible mom just doin her thing. It's refreshing! And that's what makes her the perfect mom for me! 

Happy Mothers Day! 
To my loving, singing, cigar smoking, 
laughing, classy, beautiful, mother. 
Whom I love.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I feel like disposables are the most neglected camera on the photo scene these days... They were buy one get one free at the store so I snatched those puppies up! And after buying my cameras how could I not take a gander in the "Easter shiz we need to get rid of" section? Good thing I did because found some plastic cellophane and had a lightbulb come into my head to make some colored gels and party with my new cameras... BOOM! NOW WE'RE TALKIN!

 With some San Diego Mission pals.

Sarah? Are you in there? Feelin Trippy.
These are the first pictures attempted with these crappy filters I made... I was thinking that they would turn out really blurry but they actually turned out pretty great. 
Not to bad right? We'll see if I ever used them again...

 Mainly it was just really great because everyone around us was so happy to see disposable cameras back in action! 
"Don't forget the charge the flash!"

So aside from taking pictures we really were bowling. And I'm not gonna lie... I was tearing the lanes up! Booyah! Haha I'm not used to winning stuff so It was nice to be with these "special" bowlers... 

Nathan is such a Casual Creep

I've never had a bad time bowling... This is a fact.
It's pure American Joy.

Kainoas loosing face.

If you're in a Lousy mood, just go bowling... 
Or if you're that lazy just watch the Disney channel original movie: Alley Cats Strike!


 Shout outs to:
Kainoa Clark for buying nachos from Costa Vida. You're the man!
Sarah Burroughs for being the Pellegrino Princess.
Brent Cline: Congrats on getting married. We were sending out wedding vibes in your direction.
Nate: That Truck...
Kevin Cheatham: For doing the cupid shuffle. Props for that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I love being in New York. I feel right at home there. That's that. I keep thinking that maybe I should upgrade and spend some money on a camera so that when I go someplace that I can have some higher quality shots.... but for now I'll just stick to taking them with my phone... Here are some trip highlights:
It's possibly one of the greatest places in the world...
This time while I was there I learned that there are 
thousands of bodies in the ground below, because 
it used to be a grave yard!? WAAH?

Makes me wish I went to school at NYU.

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

   This was probably one of the BEST parts of my trip. You say "poetry cafe" and it sounds like a bunch of drama kooks wearing black turtlenecks with sunglasses, drinking late's, and snapping their fingers to the speratic beating of bongo's. But really.... THINK Jay-Z without all the killer beats. I couldn't get enough.

 He's amazing!

So passionate it makes you step back and THINK

 This guy was Insanely good! Freestyle Friday.


 Weather = Perfection



 Love a good church hat.

 Brooklyn Tabernacle

VERY Christ-Centered VERY Empowering!
Pastor Karl Lentz
Just... WOW

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Judy Chicago's Dinner Party

I have been wanting to see this for a really long time! It is a significant tribute to women who have contributed to western culture and represents when acknowledging female contributions in history became important. For those of you who know Cheryl Hughes you will now she has a lot of insight and passion for this piece....  After hearing her lecture on it several times I made it a priority to see it this time i came to NYC. Seeing it in person is just something else.... It literally glows!  So awesome!
 To learn more see Cheryl's Esaay: 

Thanks for Viewing

Shout outs to:
Kaitlan Emery for letting me stay at your house. YAh Selfish!
Brigham Barnes for introducing me to Andy
Maddie Waters for texting me back. I have your print... 
Aubrey Potter Its been a long time coming.
Mahogany Browne You are funny.
Brian Enck I never saw you.
Clevland Harris You should come visit Utah.
Linnea Larsdotter Good luck with your roller skating.
Kinsani Wont forget your name.