Thursday, July 26, 2012


A glimpse into a trip to Seattle
Drive by window scene. Hey Twin Falls.
Ferris Wheel
"WORTH IT"-Kelley

 Hey Kelley.
The reason you go to Seattle is to see this woman.

Kerry Park.
Went to get Ice Cream at Molly Moons and then came to enjoy the skyline view from kerry park at night time.

Walking Keffi.
He's such a good Host. We stayed in Magnolia, which is so nice and so taking this guy on a W-A-L-K was the best. Golden Doodle.

 The Troll. Classic.

Would you lick this wall of gum for 10 dollars? 
Gum Wall in Post Alley.
You go here if you're in Pike's Market Place. 

The best day for walking trails and hanging at the beach.

Lighthouse at Discovery Park
Awesome park with tons of little hiking trails down to the beach where you'll find this gem.

Snoqualmie Falls
I would have spent hours in the trees if we had the time!
"I belong in nature..."


Snoqualmie Maybe.
Madi took this photo. Her blog is here.

The Lumineers
They are such a good live band!
I Liked them before this. Loved them after.
Capitol Hill Block Party!
After church we grabbed lunch and headed over to the capitol hill block party! Waiting in line to buy tickets some guy just walked up and handed us tickets... He was kind of upset and didn't even ask us to buy them just threw them at us! Such a lucky moment. SCORE!
Best Highway Views 
Wish we would have spent more time in the woods.

Other Trip Highlights:
  • Dinner in Queen Ann - Dads playing live music.
  • Getting Lost for Hours after the concert, praying, being guided back. Serious prayer power!
  • Sunday Night Compline Service at St. Marks, Choir of Monks
  • Saturday Night Beach Fun in Alki "That's a mormon"-Kait
  • "Yah Stoopid! Yah Ignahrint! Yah Selfish! Gett Outta my house!"

Special Shout outs to:

The Cade's- for having us over for Sunday Brunch! The kindest people/fun conversations.
Carey-for being nice and making the Quiche
Evan- Companions


  1. Love these images, SO GREAT!! You make me wanna visit Seattle really bad.

  2. I adore the look of your blog - FYI.
    You're pictures rock too - the end. :)